What we do

The Daily Menu
It’s our magic menu! The dishes on the menu respect the seasonality of the products and are inspired by regional, national and international cuisine.

And the Executive Menu
And because they are mainly aimed at a business clientele that, during the week, wants a quick lunch formula at a fixed price that makes them look good at the table. An excellent opportunity to enjoy a meal in a less accessible restaurant.

Thematic events such as
Weddings, Baptisms, Birthdays, Businesses, Groups, Meetings, etc.
An event is considered successful when the customization of our services, decoration, gastronomy, meets the objectives and idealization of our client.

In our Catering
we position ourselves in the market as a dynamic and creative way with personalized proposals and menus for any event.
We present innovative solutions, we always try to go further, we invest in news and we aim to create trends, to be the future today through our catering service.